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360 Eats

Organization Spotlight

While traveling abroad in 2015, Cameron Macleish continually witnessed the omnipresence of grocery store dumpsters brimming with copious amounts of untouched nutritious food. Macleish found himself suddenly aware of the brutal truth that companies were sending wholesome foods to landfills rather than supplying it to the ever-growing food insecure populations across global communities.

"I began to witness the extent of food waste globally and quickly realized that it is not just an isolated issue. This experience completely reshaped the way I thought about food and is what has led to my pursuance of a just and sustainable food system." - Cameron Macleish

Determined to reroute food systems to be more sustainable and inclusive, Cameron partnered with his mother Ellen Macleish, a professional chef, to found a project titled "Cooking With Trash", a youtube cooking series intended to raise awareness of food insecurity and sustainability.

‘Cooking With Trash’ dumpster diver raising awareness on food waste
Cameron Macleish is an urban forager who created his “Cooking With Trash” YouTube series to expose the staggering amount of food we throw away – and then use it to create an edible feast with his sous-chef mother, Ellen.

Following the great success of their initiative, the Macleish's founded 360 eats, a nonprofit organization that strives to establish an equitable, and sustainable food system that is both effective and zero waste. The organization collects excess food from local stores, farms, and restaurants and transforms them into gourmet meals that are then distributed to affected communities.

360 eats offers a variety of services to the community such as a mobile food rescue, sustainable catering, a mobile gourmet soup kitchen, and a compost initiative, all of which collaborate directly with the community to promote food security and sustainable food chains.

"It is our mission at 360 Eats to help reshape our food system to benefit humankind as well as our environment."

We had the pleasure of meeting Cameron and Chef Ellen a few weeks ago when a mutual partner introduced us as like minded organizations. After spending one evening volunteering with their team we were impressed by their passion, drive, and operation. Thank you to all those that brought WellFed Community and 360 eats together, and here's to hoping we are stronger together!

To find out more about 360 eats check out their website or instagram page!