Elizabeth Dunn

Elizabeth Dunn

Citizen Spotlight

USF Faculty, Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief, & Homeland Security Specialist

A simple google search of Elizabeth Dunn showcases her commitment to building community resilience through evidence-informed public health practices designed to engage, inspire, and drive change while facilitating interdisciplinary dialog, developing social capital, and supporting economic development. However, at The Well we had the pleasure of being introduced to Elizabeth through a collaborative project with USF, WellFed Community, and the Refugee and Migrant Women's Initiative (RAMWI), where we engaged USF students and refugee women in their community food system!

Elizabeth is actually the VP of RAMWI, an organization designed to enhance the lives of refugee and migrant women in the community by providing an opportunity to heal, engage with others while learning the skills necessary to become self-sustainable, organize and advocate for themselves. This month our very own Dhalia Bumbaca (Director of Development and Programming) will be working with RAMWI to co-facilitate their Workforce Readiness program for refugee women!

We love working with Elizabeth whether it is through her role as an instructor at the USF College of Public Health or VP of RAMWI, as she is dedicated to engaging students and the wider Tampa community in courses that integrate high-impact practices through service-learning, reflection, and research. That being said, Elizabeth's experiences reach far outside academia and span from working in business management and marketing to public health projects with international economic development in post-conflict recovery and local disaster planning and preparedness.