Hurricanes & Neighborliness

Hurricanes & Neighborliness

This week was almost entirely monopolized by preparations for Hurricane Ian. While Tampa was once again spared a direct hit, the threatening storm closed almost all businesses and sent everyone into prep mode.

Storms, like other times of crisis, really expose something inside of people. Some of us become selfish bullies that fight over the last bottle of water while others go into selfless mode and start looking out for those around them. Most of us in Florida heard from family or friends throughout the country that wanted to check in on us, express concern, and offer prayers. Many of us were intentional about checking in on neighbors and friends around town. Storms have a way of stimulating neighborliness and we are really grateful for that.

In just the last few days we have talked more with our neighbors than the previous few months. Knocking on one another's doors, exchanging numbers in case anything is needed, and now, as we are on the other-side of the storm to lend tools, help set up generators, and to just share in the relief of such minor repercussions to the property.

We want to encourage each of you to take these opportunities to lend a hand, learn a name, and be a good neighbor. Ask you neighbor if they need help raking up. Got a chainsaw? Take a walk down the street to see if there are any down limbs that you can help with. We have so much to be grateful for and we have so much to offer.

Until next time, be pedestrian.