Justice & Relational Proximity

Justice & Relational Proximity

Cornell West often says that “Justice is what love looks like in public.” It seems clear he is talking about something real and something more than a sentiment or a feeling. Love is an action and it is related to justice in an interesting way.

Aristotle wrote, in his Ethics, that relationships affect justice. The injustice of an offense, he argued, is exponentially greater, or amplified by relationship. The closer people are relationally, the greater the injustice of an offense.

So it’s like this:
It is worse to hit your dad than to hit a stranger.
It is worse to steal from your family than a random citizen.

Sounds about right, right?
So, I'm curious, do you think the opposite is true?

Is it greater justice, or good, to give a sandwich to a stranger than to your father?
Is it a greater kindness to open your home to a stranger?

Would love to hear your thoughts below!