Sara Román

Sara Román

Citizen Spotlight

Community Leader and Entrepreneur

If you know Sara Roman you know that her energy is contagious! Outreach Coordinator for the University Area Community Development Center (UACDC), distinguished Notary Public in the Tampa Bay Area, and Wedding Officiant, this woman wears many hats.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Sara's story is very profound and speaks to her resilience as an individual. A mother of two, Sara had her children taken away by the foster care system due to her husband's struggle with addiction. She struggled with the stigmatization as a "bad mother" but chose to let that be the fuel to her fire and embraced the foster families who cared for her children and fought for her reunification.

Her experience has instilled in her a love for her local community and her work. Furthermore, she is a fantastic example of a local entrepreneur, who provides bilingual specialized services through her company iCommunity Multiservices LLC. If that isn't enough through her role at the UACDC she works to organize community events that provide opportunities for residents in the University Area to get engaged. However, regardless of her job title, Sara is the type of person who's personal mission and ambition transcends her being!

Thank you Sara for all that you do!!