5 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste (3/5)

5 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste (3/5)

Too much trash coming from the kitchen?

The kitchen can be a place full of waste! Food that spoils, plastic packaging, sponges, and more! This series will explore 5 ways to cut down on waste in your kitchen.

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#3 Plan your meals and make a grocery list

Going to the grocery store with no plan in mind for what you are going to cook can create excess food that doesn’t end up getting cooked. When you have a plan for what you are going to make, you are able to purchase the specific foods you know you are going to use and won’t let much go to waste. Make sure to check your pantry for ingredients you may already have at home. Purchasing foods that are frozen or able to be frozen or canned, that have a long shelf life is another way to reduce waste. Then you have the item ready whenever you need to use it. Frozen and canned foods have high nutritional value because they are picked at peak ripeness and nutrients are locked in by the preservation process. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often ripened artificially just before they reach the grocery shelves to reduce product loss during travel.