5 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste (5/5)

5 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste (5/5)

Too much trash coming from the kitchen?

The kitchen can be a place full of waste! Food that spoils, plastic packaging, sponges, and more! This series will explore 5 ways to cut down on waste in your kitchen.

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#5 Reuse and Recycle

Lots of food comes in glass jars, reuse them at home! You can try your hand at pickling veggies, making jar salads, use them to store leftovers, or even as cups. If you shop in bulk you can also bring them to the store to refill with products. They can be used outside the kitchen too, try collecting small items like thumbtacks or cotton balls in a jar for safe storage in the bathroom, office, or anywhere in your home. Aluminum and steel cans should always be rinsed before recycling, and they can be recycled infinitely so they will continue to be reused as long as you recycle them!

There's plenty of other ways. Share with us your favourites!