Snoop, Em, & the Future of Music

Snoop, Em, & the Future of Music

This week, we are excited to share an amazing example of NFT and culture coming together to make waves. Two hip hop icons came together and dropped a single for the metaverse!

Anyone keeping up with Snoop Dogg has seen his evolution into the Web3 space and anyone paying attention in Web3 knows Snoop is fully in the house. Even those that are not paying attention to anything heard about someone paying a half a million for the digital land next to Snoop in the Sandbox metaverse.

He’s been early and he's been consistent. He recently dropped an NFT collection of Doggies and announced an NFT collab with Gary Vaynerchuk and VeeFriends for VeeCon ticket holders. Here's a clip from a recent interview that Snoop gave with his son Champ Medici which gives insight into how he's thinking about and approaching the space:

At the top of the headlines, the most significant announcement that's related to Snoop lately is that he bought Death Row Records. Not only has he bought the entire company, but he pulled all Death Row's albums from Spotify, Apple, and the like. Snoop says he will create his own platform with his audience. It's looking like he will be the first metaverse label. His goal is to make Death Row what it was always meant to be. Snoop, it seems, is going to be dropping an NFT Label to pave the way for the music industry as a whole.

While many were pleasantly surprised when Snoop and Eminem dropped a single together, it wasn’t surprising to see how Snoop integrated all that he has been learning and helped Eminem realize the value of the Bored Ape that he owns. See, Bored Apes come with commercial rights and Snoop has been quite clear that he intends to build an empire on “Dr. Bombay,” his leopard skinned ape.

Here is a clip of Snoop on the phone with Eminem having a discussion that would lead to the release of The D to the LBC